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The Journey

The End

This is something that I’ve been delaying, not because I’m putting it off, but because I’ve been so busy.  Busy is good, but busy on things other than this 5 Products in 5 Days thing.  Yes, it was probably predictable after the blog posts fell away, and I was publicly acknowledging my other projects that […]

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Cutting a client off

Ugh…I have been in this position before, but never to this extent.  This past week, I had to turn off a customer’s website because of non-payment.

As a part-time freelancer, I still have some income from freelancing dedicated to certain bills, like server hosting, rent, etc..  I am blessed that a portion of my income comes […]

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Launching an MVP – launching without a complete product

A few months ago I made a big leap and launched SimpleCallTracker.  So how did it go?  Well….it went well.  I have plans on doing a big PR push with press releases and hopefully media exposure, but I have taken baby steps so far to promote the product and they have worked (meaning….paying customers).  SimpleCallTracker […]

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Why the Kia Soul is the strangest car made today…A little holiday fun.

Did you ever have one of those things that just bothered you until you finally did something about it and got it off your chest?
I certainly did, and this is one of them.
I drive back and forth between Tulsa and Oklahoma City often.  It’s about 100 miles of mostly Turnpike, and it’s not a particularly […]

By |November 25th, 2015|Uncategorized, Weekend Fun|0 Comments

Happy Birthday to Spiked Mace & 5Products5Days!

Spiked Mace Software (and 5 Products 5 Days) is 1 year old!

It has been quite the year, with no shortage of activity, both good and bad.  It seems to soon to give a retrospective for the past year, so I will refrain from doing so in its entirety.  I started this journey really with the […]

By |November 14th, 2015|Meta, Product #2, Product #3|0 Comments

Breaking the rules – Introducing the first Product

Rules are made to be broken, of course.  I have been known to break some rules in my time, and I do not plan on stopping anytime soon, and my 5 Products 5 Days is no exception.  To say that things have been hectic since I launched this little endeavor would be an understatement, but […]

By |September 11th, 2015|Product #1|0 Comments

It’s not enough to be proud of your ancestors. Live up to them.

My father passed away last week unexpectedly.  There is no sugar coating that can go into that.  It hurts, and it hurts bad.

I feel somewhat guilty because I have have focused my entrepreneurial ancestry to my mother’s side of the family.  Yes, my mother’s grandfather was the founder of a company that is still in […]

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We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming…..

Wow….I guess you could call that a break.  I haven’t posted anything since February 19th.
Excuses?  I have plenty… about a trip to NYC, or a freelance software development project taking priority, spending time with that certain special someone who is amazing, or spending time with my kids (with a birthday thrown in), or all of […]

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Get ‘er done!

To start things off, since the last post was cryptic, here is the stained glass panel that I created that I was very proud of:

I struggle with inspiration sometimes, and this was no exception.  I am extremely happy with how this turned out, and it is one of my (many) favorites.  As cool as it turned […]

By |February 19th, 2015|Design, Meta, Product #1|0 Comments

I added beauty to the world today…..

When you create something beautiful, it makes the day and the world brighter, and it brings happiness to both the creator and those that enjoy the creation.

I wish there was an easy answer for me, art or software.  The thing that keeps me going on both fronts is that I get the same satisfaction when […]

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