Art is why I get up in the morning but my definition ends there. You know I don’t think its fair that I’m living for something I can’t even define.” – Ani DiFranco, Out of Habit 

Art gets in the way of my work, and my work gets in the way of my art.  Just like I have a specialty area when it comes to software development, I have a specialty area when it comes to art.  Just like in software, I can do many differentStained_Glass_Lamp_Shade_by_PandoraXthings, but I tend to focus on a single area.  That area is working with Stained Glass and Lights.  I have always loved stained glass, and the way light interacts with the glass to enhance the experience.  One of those things that when you love something but you can’t explain why it is that you love it so much, you just know it is the right thing for you.

2014-05-09 14.38.02Over the past couple of years, I have come to embrace my art more than I have in the past, doing all original designs and incorporating LED lights into them.  My creations have evolved, and with each new piece I learn more and am inspired in one way or another.

2014-08-01 17.53.34If you haven’t been following along, then you missed the post where I mentioned that I don’t like holidays in general.  On the flip side of that is that I do consider myself to be a pretty decent gift giver.  Maybe it comes from listening more than talking, or the frugality in me that desires to give something that really means something.  Traditionally, Christmas has been the time that I really put my artistic skills to work to create gifts for friends and family.  This year was no exception.  Creating and giving away these pieces gives me more joy than anything else I do.

Pinterest is where I put my pieces, and there are many that never have been photographed, but what I have are up there.  Feel free to browse and pin.

All of this was just a preference to announce that I will be debuting a new lamp and showing my most popular chandelier at Graphite Elements and Designs this Friday, January 9, 2015 at 7pm during Live on the Plaza in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and all of you are invited.