To start things off, since the last post was cryptic, here is the stained glass panel that I created that I was very proud of:

2015-02-13 15.58.15

I struggle with inspiration sometimes, and this was no exception.  I am extremely happy with how this turned out, and it is one of my (many) favorites.  As cool as it turned out, it started out like a lot of my ideas, which is simple straightforward ideas.  All of the products I’m developing in this little experiment of mine start the same way, with a simple idea that has value in and of itself.  One of the products, actually has “Simple” in its name.

How did this start out as simple?

I had an idea of the design, and I sketched it out….in fact, here is the initial sketch that I did when creating it:

2015-02-12 14.15.58You can see where I started numbering the pieces in preparation for choosing and cutting the glass.  There were definitely changes made once I started the process, such as having to split pieces #6 and #11 into two different pieces….cutting glass can be tricky, and very narrow cuts and cuts up to and exceeding 90 degrees are especially tricky.

Get ‘er done

The funnest thing is seeing the final product, but you can’t get there without doing it first.  That’s where the “get ‘er done” part comes in.  I have been procrastinating lately, I called it “learning a new framework” for a while, in my attempt to switch my primary development platform to the Mean.js platform.  After becoming frustrated with it, I went down the Meter route.  I came to the stark realization that all of this “learning” has put me behind my schedule, and my desire to do something just for the novelty of it is holding me back from creating my MVP (minimal viable product).  I was trying to do something that I’m not good at, just for the heck of it.

I’m finally “getting ‘er done”.  I’m making actual progress on creating my applications.  I hope to have one of the products in the hands of beta testers soon, because despite launching all 5 in 5 days, I promise they won’t be perfect.  I’m here to set myself up for success, not failure.