Spiked Mace Software (and 5 Products 5 Days) is 1 year old!


It has been quite the year, with no shortage of activity, both good and bad.  It seems to soon to give a retrospective for the past year, so I will refrain from doing so in its entirety.  I started this journey really with the goal of having all of the products done within one year.  Obviously that didn’t happen.

First, the really good news about the recently launched SimpleCallTracker…it is generating revenue!!!  One of the reasons that I enjoy creating things is seeing the end product provide value.  When I was in the workforce, I was so removed from the end user that I never really got the satisfaction of seeing the products in action.  A lot of those products were also created, marketed, accounted for, and sold by a team of people, so the individual accomplishment never felt as great as it does when I sell something that I created from scratch.

Now back to 5Proucts5Days.  I ended up being very happy with the progress I have made this year, while at the same time being frustrated by the lack of progress on a couple of the products, and I think I’ve come to the point of switching one of the products out for another idea.  Product #3 is/was a Pebble application that assists speakers in the timing of their speech.  I knew from the start that the app would never be a big money maker, if it would make money at all.  After evaluating the market for both the Pebble watch, and apps on the Pebble, it is just not something that I have the passion to pursue.

So instead of the Pebble watch app, I’m going forward with another product that is much more exciting, and much more up my alley.  It will be similar in scope to SimpleCallTracker but with a different target market and much different functionality.  I’m excited about it because it branches out into a lot of usefulness in different areas.

With all of that being said, the past year was challenging, both from a focus perspective and a personal perspective.  Along with Spiked Mace and 5 Products 5 Days, I have continued to do freelancing work, and that is a constant source of distraction, but one that brings in money to pay the bills.  From a personal standpoint, my father passed away suddenly and unexpectedly in June, and nothing can prepare you for that, and you never stop thinking about it.  I will continue on with my work, partly to make him proud of what I am accomplishing.

Thank you for following along during this first year, and I hope you stick around for the next one!