This started as a tragic story.  My laptop of several years died a horrible death, not a death that you would wish upon a laptop that you have depended on for several years.  It could have been worse, and I take console in that fact, but it died nonetheless.  There is peace to this story, and a peace that I hope you can embrace for yourself.

This story happened a couple of months ago, so imagine the most amazing beautiful fall afternoon you can…birds chirping, sun shining and warming to a 2014-11-03 17.28.33pleasant 77˚ Fahrenheit.  One of the best perks of working for myself is being able to work wherever and however you can….and one of my favorite places is in my hammock, on my back porch, in front of my chimenea that is burning pinion wood. Yes, you should be jealous. The afternoon was spent working in complete bliss, with the pinion wood teasing my nose and the sun warming me to complete relaxation.  I worked diligently with my laptop in its proper position, and I did what I did best, enjoy my work.  (The picture is of the deceased laptop, in it’s last days)

Yes, I had looked at the weather forecast for the day, and yes, rain was in the forecast, but not until about 1am.  It was currently 6pm, and I was getting hungry.  I hopped up from the hammock to start cooking something immaculate, like a rack of lamb with mint sauce, or something along those lines.  About 45 minutes into the dinner preparation, I had to run out to the garage for something, and I heard the unmistakable sound of rain….

My laptop died a horrible death….slowly frying the motherboard as the rain dripped onto the keyboard and soaked through to the motherboard.

So that was the bad news.  The good news is that I had been looking for a new laptop for a while, and I had decided on finally trying out a Mac.  For lots of reasons, including developing iOS apps (iPhone apps) and the ability to run Microsoft Windows side by side, I was set on a Macbook Pro.

Oh my goodness.  In my first 24 hours of using the Macbook Pro (15″, I7, 8Gb Ram) I have been extremely pleasantly surprised at the quality and feel of it.  The keyboard is the best laptop keyboard I have ever felt, and the touchpad is actually pleasant to use, and the gestures are fantastic.  (I have hated tracpads, but this one actually is changing my mind).

I am in the process of getting it set up, but for now, I am enjoying my new laptop, and not taking it outside at all.