Lets clear this up now.  I know exactly what the 5 products are and what they will do.  I know what the names of some of them will be.  I’m not going to tell you what they are exactly, because that is what the big surprise will be during the 5 days that they are released.

I will be talking about each of the 5 products in both general and specific terms, just not the overall functionality until the 5 days.  Why?  Well, that’s the fun part isn’t it?  For example, I can tell you that a couple of them will be SaaS products (Software as a Service) and one of them will be a mobile application.  So, I will talk about, say, including billing into a SaaS product, what should you consider, like Stripe or PayPal, and what my experience is with the integration.  I will not tell you that Product #1 is a SaaS based Uber clone for on-demand vegetable peeling.  That just takes the fun out of it.

What can you tell us about the 5 products?

I’m glad you asked….let me make the introduction….

Product #1

#1 will be a SaaS based product that is close to my roots in my entrepreneurial journey.  I am strongly hinting that it will use some Twilio functionality (SMS, MMS, Voice Calling).  I am going to be taking some big steps personally because I will be using a new technology platform that I have not created any other production applications in…specifically, I am going to go the Node.js route.  Being a SaaS product, I will be integrating billing, user management, etc into the product, so there will be lots to talk about from that aspect.

Product #2

This will be kind of new for me….this is a mobile application.  The problem that it addresses is one that I have personally dealt with many times in different capacities.  I feel as though the solution I’ve come up with will be an ongoing benefit to a lot of people.

I’ve done mobile applications before, but not for my own products.  I have a good idea right now of what direction I want to take in the creation of this mobile app, and I’m leaning towards a Cordova/PhoneGap solution right now.  I have all of my development platforms covered, including iOS, Android, and Windows Mobile.  I’m not ruling a native application out right now, but the functionality of the application as it is does not warrant a venture to native land.

Product #3


Walk softly and carry a spiked mace.

Wearable technology has been around a while, even though it hasn’t been as mainstream as it is now.  I am a runner, and I have used a Garmin Forerunner for years. A Garmin Forerunner is pretty much an on-demand GPS recorder with some other stuff built in.  As of this writing, I have run a combined 13 marathons and ultra-marathons and I have worn a Garmin for all of them, in addition to all of the training that came before the races.

I believe in wearable devices, and my philosophy falls between the Garmin Forerunner and the Pebble watch.  I was a backer of the Pebble product on Kickstarter, and I still love my all white  Pebble.  For a year, I used Runkeeper and the awesome integration they had with the Pebble as my run logging tool, but in the end, my phone just didn’t have the battery life to handle the ultra-marathons that I was running.

That has nothing to do with Product #3 other than the fact that I still love my Pebble watch, and Product #3 will be a Pebble application that is directly inspired from my times presenting at 1 Million Cups (specifically, 1 Million Cups Tulsa).  This is the only one of the 5 products that I plan on being free (other than free demos), and I’m looking forward to adding functionality to the Pebble platform.

Product #4

Not to take the thunder way from the previous products, but this one is pretty cool too.  Going back to my SaaS roots like #1, this is a product that I have done custom implementations for private companies, but now I’m going tobuild a new product on the idea and bring it to the masses.  It is a B2B product (business to business) and I have had success with it in the past.  It is another Twilio centric product, but one that can be used by multiple verticals.  (ok, that is totally vague, but think of a Yesware kind of thing for phone numbers).

Product #5


Mmmmm…..coffee….and foreshadowing…..delicious

The big finale will be unlike all the rest.  This is my first foray into a physical product that I am proceeding down the path of manufacturing and selling to consumers.  This product is the product that I am proceeding down both the patent path, and the prototyping path.  There is lots to learn with this one, and right now I’m thinking it may be a Kickstarter campaign at the launch.  Everyone I have shown the product to agrees that it is a great idea, and something that could (potentially) be used in everyone’s home. I’ve been working on this product for more than a year, and I can’t wait to launch this one.

In closing

Fun stuff ahead….I have started on a couple of the products, but not all of them.  legal issues take time, so the ones that involve legal proceedings (patents, etc) already have momentum.  The downside of legal issues is that 1) they take too much time and 2) they take too much money.  I hope the patent system in the United States gets steam-lined eventually, but for now,  we (you and I) just have to deal with it.