This is something that I’ve been delaying, not because I’m putting it off, but because I’ve been so busy.  Busy is good, but busy on things other than this 5 Products in 5 Days thing.  Yes, it was probably predictable after the blog posts fell away, and I was publicly acknowledging my other projects that had taken prominence over this one.

This is the end of the 5 Products  5 Days journey.

The biggest success of this is the one product I did launch, SimpleCallTracker.  It is a product that is generating revenue for the company, and people use it to track inbound calls, and it is easy to configure and use.  Since it was a product that I had based on applications that I had previously developed (but on an entirely new code base) I was confident that it would find a market.

I believe that a few of the other products that I had started still have a future.  As time goes on, I might revisit a couple of them.  One of them that will never happen is the one that I had not planned as ever being a revenue generating product.  I was creating a speech timer for the Pebble Watch, and instead of using audible cues, it would use the vibrate feature of the watch.  For example, if you were giving a 5 minute speech, you could tell it to buzz you twice when you have a minute left, and then buzz again when your time is up, and then continually buzz when you go over your time.  It will never see the light of day because Pebble, as a company, was acquired by FitBit, and they ended their product lines completely.

In this age of messaging, with Slack growing and Facebook Messaging being used more and more, I believe there is still a missing piece.  With almost everyone using text messaging on their phone to communicate, you still have a very difficult time texting the store down the street to see what time they close, or if they have something in stock.  Companies and businesses do not have an easy way to text their customers, and this is where one of the other products fit in.  CompanyTexting is a multi-user application that allows companies to talk to their customers with text messaging.

The last software app that was a part of the line-up is Play Time Manager.  Play Time Manager takes the time-consuming task of a sports team manager (think little league, or an adult softball team) confirming players attendance at games and communicating schedules and tracking playing time.  It grew out of my frustration of being a coach and having to text/call 12 different people every week to remind them of the game/practice time and confirming if they would be there or not, and then having to create a roster for the game based on those in attendance.  For the little-league aspect, it would also track the play-time of each of the children to ensure that every player gets as equal amount of time as possible.

And the final product?  Well, it is a product that I am still pursuing a patent on, so you don’t get any info about that.

So what am I up to that is taking up so much of my time?  First, one of my other startups, SkaFlash, was accepted to an Incubator program, and I have been focusing a lot of time into re-writing and re-launching it.

Second, Diner Connection, the product that started my Entrepreneurial journey, is needing a refresh, and it will get one.  As a product that still attracts new customers, it is exciting to work on something that is still going strong 6 years after launching it.

In conclusion, thank you for going on this journey with me.  It was a great motivator for me, and it allowed me to have more interaction with you brilliant people.


The End.