As you may recall, I recently posted about the (un)fair advantage that I and other software developers have.  It boils down to having the ability to do software product development on our own without having to incur the financial burden of outsourcing it.  There are other benefits to keeping the product development in house, including being able to hone the product into exactly what you want.

One of the fun things about being involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem where you are physically located is that you get to meet a lot of like minded and like motivated people as yourself.  I have been lucky to work with some amazing people, including my partner on one of my other products, SkaFlash. As SkaFlash has grown, our exposure has grown along with it.  Being a music-industry focused product, I am interested in talking to other people in the music industry as well.

idefi beta logoBrady Deaton is one of those people that I met.  Brady has been passionate about his iDefi product for several years, and the current incarnation of it is at the launch stage.  Up to this point, the core product development has been outsourced, and with most outsourced development, it has had its share of challenges. I have been asked (and I have accepted) to help iDefi bridge the gap of communication with their outsourced partner to bring their core product back in house as the Interim CTO.  I am honored that they have asked, and I’m excited about being able to help them.

 This is in no way taking away from my 5 Products 5 Days journey.  It is a small commitment, and an opportunity to help out a friend.

There are many lessons that I wish to share with you about this, and in due time I hope I get to be able to.  As much as I try to do the best for others when I do contract work for them, there always seems to be others who aren’t as diligent and proud of their work.  As a software developer, my pride is partially derived from the quality of the product that I create.  To be disappointed in someone else’s work just inspires me to do better.

As entrepreneurs, there is room for everyone to win, and it should never be a competition between each other.  I try to give back to the community as much as I can, and this is just one way where I can make a big impact on helping a company reach their goal.